Wander through the maze

Doolhof in het Openluchtmuseum

Wander through the maze

Wander into the maze, turning this corner then that. Will you be able to find your way out?


People have been fascinated by mazes for centuries. A labyrinth features in Greek mythology. Sometimes people see mazes as representing the unknown path that we all follow through life. In short, mazes are mysterious and exciting places.

Museum maze

The maze at the museum was constructed based on a 17th-century maze from Amsterdam. It had originally been erected at the museum in 1921, but was taken down in 1953. The maze was rebuilt a few years ago using more than 5,000 beech shrubs.


Wander through the maze

Wander through the maze
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Van 30-03-2018 t/m 28-10-2018
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