What you can do

Festive food
The food changes depending on the time of year and the festival being celebrated around that time.

Festive living room
Several children were interviewed to come up with the design for the living room. Sil celebrates Christmas, Jabir celebrates Sugar Feast (Eid al-Fitr), Migal celebrates Passover, Louisa celebrates Chinese New Year and Shanita celebrates Divali. For all these festivals their houses are decorated and a festive table is often laid. Here families are given the task of putting out the right items for the right festival in the living room.

Festive story table
At the digital story table stories relating to celebrations such as Easter, the Festival of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) and Holi can be played out. The roles are divided up: one person is the narrator, while another does the voices and two people position the figures. Through your headphones you will be given instructions, which will also be visible on a flat screen. This is the play area. Everything is recorded and using a code you will be able to watch your story at http://feestverhalen.openluchtmuseum.nl.

Dancing game
During the dancing game you will be taught a Keti Koti dance by a (digital) Surinamese woman, a dance for the Holi festival by a Hindu woman and will also be able to dance with a real Carnival Prince. The dance students stand in front of a screen and find themselves facing life-size women who respond to their movements via a Kinect motion-sensing device. Are you doing it right? Then you can try out an extra move. Otherwise you’ll have to do it again! The dancing game is accompanied by lively festive music.
A master of ceremonies is always on hand to help you and provide information on the festivals we celebrate in the Netherlands.