Refuge for evacuees

Evacués in het openluchtmuseum

Refuge for evacuees

When the city of Arnhem was evacuated on 24 September 1944 following Operation Market Garden, around 600 people took refuge at the Open Air Museum. This meant that, although the museum was closed, there were people living on the site.


Inside the Delft windmill – which was home to three resistance fighters at that time – you will find an audiovisual presentation about the evacuation. Unique photographic material and spoken excerpts from a diary tell the story of an eventful period in which the museum played a crucial role in the everyday lives of 600 evacuees from the districts of Alteveer and Geitenkamp.


Photo: P.J. De Booijs (Gelders Archief collection)


Refuge for evacuees

Presentation and tour on the theme of evacuees
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Van 30-03-2018 t/m 28-10-2018
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