A place to spend the night

Pieces of cardboard laid out on the ground as insulation, a warm coat and a sleeping bag – Chahid and Peter use these items to make a place to sleep outside, even on cold winter nights. They prefer to sleep outside than inside in a shelter, where, before you know it, you end up getting into arguments, are exposed to contagious diseases like TB or have to contend with vermin. They also prefer to avoid alcoholics and people with a mental illness. 


Photo opportunity: winter sports

In the 1980s winter sports were affordable and accessible for all.


Prior to and immediately after the Second World War such sports were the preserve of the elite, but as time went by they became democratised. From the end of the 1960s, when car ownership also came within the reach of most ordinary people, winter sports started to become more and more fashionable.


Conjuring up images of sun and snow, they were an attractive leisure activity offering sporting excitement, as well as plenty of fun for the children. 



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Why is there not a general smoking ban?

As part of the Club van Elf (Dutch association of visitor attractions) the Open Air Museum aims to be a place where everyone can escape the stresses of everyday life – a natural environment in which the whole family feels at home. Some of the 21 million people who visit the Club van Elf attractions every year like to enjoy a cigarette on their day out. As long as other visitors are not inconvenienced, we do not want to stop them from smoking, although we do ask them to show consideration for other visitors. That is something we ask of all our visitors, however.


What is the Open Air Museum’s smoking policy?

“The companies affiliated to the Club van Elf (Dutch association of visitor attractions) are introducing a stricter smoking policy with effect from 1 April. From that point on, any permanent, uncovered queuing areas will also be designated as smoke-free zones.


A visitor attraction is a place for everyone to enjoy and visitors who smoke are and will remain welcome. By introducing their new policy, the companies affiliated to the Club van Elf aim to create an even safer and healthier environment, especially for children.”