Free Time

By the middle of the twentieth century the Dutch were starting to benefit from more and more free time. In 1961 Saturdays were made a compulsory day off, while in 1966 the right to paid holiday was granted to all Dutch people.

Paper cutting art

The Holland Open Air Museum owns a representative collection of paper cutting art produced in the Netherlands over the years. Paper cuttings were made wherever people had access to paper and a pair of scissors or a knife. The oldest Dutch paper cuttings in the museum’s collection date back to the seventeenth century. Originally, paper cutting was the preserve of well-off members of society, as they were the first to have access to paper. It was only later that it became accessible to ordinary people.

The Canon at the museum

Since September the Canon of Dutch History has been on display at the Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem: a presentation covering the complete history of our country, ‘from megaliths to the modern day’. Various windows of the Canon can also be found around the park.