The Canon at the museum

Since September the Canon of Dutch History has been on display at the Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem: a presentation covering the complete history of our country, ‘from megaliths to the modern day’. Various windows of the Canon can also be found around the park.

Traditional Dutch winter games

With its dark days, winter is the perfect time to cosy up together and play games. In days gone by people not only played lots of games at home, but also in bars. Offering games provided another way for bar owners to attract additional customers. In the traditional Dutch games shed at the children’s activity farmyard you can try your hand at five different games from the past: a type of skittles, shuffleboard, ring tossing, labyrinth and ‘tonnenspel’.

Against the winter blues

Here we examine how light can be used to promote health. We have known about the winter blues since the time of the Ancient Greeks, the most severe form being winter depression. The reduced amount of natural light available to us in autumn and winter results in almost 1.5 million Dutch people suffering from a lack of energy, listlessness or depression at this time of year. When your eyes receive less daylight, your brain produces less of the substance BDNF, which means that you can become depressed. Up until 1998 people suffering from these complaints could only go to a clinic for help.

The health benefits of light

Temperatures are falling and, unfortunately, at this time of year there is less and less daylight for us to enjoy. At the Green Cross health centre building you can find out more about the effect of UV light on your skin and how this ensures that you produce vitamin D and build up your immunity. During the 1950s you could go to Green Cross health centres for sunray treatment, a form of preventive healthcare. The bactericidal effect of the light prevented infections and was used to treat ailments including respiratory infections, skin infections and boils.