Maps and routes

Bekijk de plattegrond en routes

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Map of museum park

Interested to find out what our museum park looks like, where all the different buildings are located and where the activities take place? Download our map here and plan your visit!

Canon windows in the park

In September 2017 the Canon of Dutch History will be opening at our museum. You can already see a number of the windows of the Canon in the park now! Download the map (in Dutch) to find out where they are located.

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If you want to see and experience everything during your visit to the Open Air Museum, you will need to allow at least a day. To help you find your way around easily and ensure you don’t miss anything, we offer a number of different routes. One option is simply to follow the numbering of the historic buildings, for example.

Highlights route

Do you have less time, but want to make sure you see the best that the museum has to offer? If so, you can follow the highlights route, which allows you to take in all the main attractions at the museum in around 2 hours.

Do you have mobility problems?

If you suffer from mobility problems, we have a limited number of wheelchairs available in our parking area. These work using a coin system. You will need to insert a € 1 coin as a deposit, which you will get back when you return the wheelchair. These wheelchairs cannot be reserved.

Recommended wheelchair route

The Holland Open Air Museum and historic buildings are accessible for wheelchair users. However, the museum park is on a hilly site and not all paths are paved, which means some areas are more difficult to access, especially in wet weather. A number of historic buildings and mills also have presentations on the upper floor. These cannot be accessed by wheelchair users. You can view the map showing the various wheelchair routes here. This map is also available from the museum’s information desk.