What's the capacity of the large fruit pan?

Our syrup makers get asked lots of questions. About the fruit, how it is processed, the technique, the building and the occupants. They can answer many of these and can throw in some good stories too. Three types of pear and one type of apple form the basis for the syrup, for example. These are the Conference, Gieser Wildeman and Doyenné de Comice pears and the Elstar apple. The fruit can be seen in crates as you enter the barn. According to our syrup maker Bennie, however, there is one question that keeps cropping up. This concerns the capacity of the large fruit pan. Guessing doesn’t really help anyone, so we have had this calculated. Bennie could, of course, tell us the dimensions of this round pan: it is 1.12 m high with a diameter of 88 cm. With this information we could tell him that the pan has a capacity of 680 litres (rounded). That’s another question answered.