Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem

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The Open Air Museum’s collection comprises around 152,000 objects, including carts, household textiles, regional costumes and toys.

Winter in het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum


From 9 December to 21 January visitors to the museum can experience winter as it was in days gone by! Have fun gliding around our skating rink and enjoy a warming mug of hot chocolate and delicious pancakes. 



Column: Maximum snelheid

"Een overweging om de maximumsnelheid in 1974 op 100 te zetten (de auto’s konden meestal een stuk sneller) was dat de wereld in een energiecrisis was beland. "


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The Nederlands Openluchtmuseum is probably the best outdoor museum I have visited so far: An impressive number of original houses from different centuries and all Dutch provinces have been rebuilt and offer a fabulous insight into the development of the Dutch way of life.


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