Wander into the maze, turning this corner then that. Will you be able to find your way out?
In the Herb Tent you can learn about old household remedies and recipes for coping with winter ailments.
The historic tram will keep you warm and dry as you travel around the museum park in winter.

Listen to atmospheric winter performances by various choirs. Every weekend and during the Christmas holidays.

Immerse yourself in nostalgia. The interiors of the homes from the 1950s and 1970s bring memories flooding back.
At the children’s activity farmyard kids can see how animals live up close.

This cheerful family presentation tells you all about the festivals that are celebrated in the Netherlands. There are quite a few!

Using natural dyes obtained from plants grown in our own garden we dye wool in the most wonderful colours.
At the farmhouse from Staphorst there are animals in the stall. You will find a cow in the deep-litter stall, a type of stall in which the old dung is left to build up.
Come and see demonstrations of traditional crafts, such as clog making, net making and spinning-top making.
Come and see our rope-maker and learn all about different types of rope.

Enjoy a ride on the traditional carousel on the Zaan Square.

Step into the summer house and listen to Afro-Caribbean stories about the spider Anansi.

When the city of Arnhem was evacuated on 24 September 1944 following Operation Market Garden, around 600 people took refuge at the Open Air Museum.

Een vluchteling helpen tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog of scholen wel of geen vrij geven voor het Suikerfeest... Wat zou jij doen?
Since 2016 all visitors have been welcome to come and see our new play ‘Boeldag in Beerta’ (‘Auction in Beerta’)!

The bees from the apiary fly around a garden that we have created especially for them.

Like to discover the Open Air Museum in a fun way with your children? Then why not go on a trail through the museum park?

At the children’s activity farmyard kids can see how animals live up close and can help the farmer or farmer’s wife to look after them.
At the ‘Wijdemans & Frère’ photo salon you can have your picture taken in clothing and a setting dating from around 1910: a time when official group photographs were very popular.