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The canon of Dutch history

A journey through our country's history, from megaliths to the modern day

From 23 September the Canon of Dutch History will be on display at the Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem: a presentation covering the complete history of our country, ‘from megaliths to the modern day’. This new presentation, developed in close partnership with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, offers an insight into the highs and lows of Dutch history through people, events and themes from our past. 


It mixes digital media with authentic, historic objects from our own collection, as well as loans, including objects from the Rijksmuseum. In addition, it places the origins of the Netherlands in a wider context, in terms of its population, climate and geography. The Open Air Museum will also be organising temporary exhibitions based around the Canon of Dutch History. Central to these is The Story of the Netherlands, the new interactive presentation in the large, completely refurbished dome. Spectacular film sets, one running into another, are used to present ten different periods, constructed from fragments of historic buildings and monuments between which visitors can wander freely. The 50 windows of the Canon of Dutch History have been incorporated into these ten periods in the form of historic objects and audiovisual presentations. Above the sets skies are projected onto the ceiling, transforming the dome into a fascinating historic landscape.