Pigs belong to the genus Sus and are known to have lived in East Asia since the Miocene epoch (between 25 and 2 million years ago). There are many different types of wild pig and all domesticated pigs are descended from them.

In the early 19th century there were two types of pig in the Netherlands: a small, prick-eared pig and a large, lop-eared pig. The former had disappeared entirely by the mid-19th century. Over the course of that century a number of other breeds were introduced to turn the lop-eared pig into an early-maturing, faster-growing pig.

This resulted in a number of different breeds, including the Dutch Landrace pig that can be seen here at the museum. You will find these pigs in the meadow behind the Kadoelen farmhouse and near the Varik farmhouse. During the winter season the pigs are kept in the sty in the farmhouse from Staphorst.