Do you know how to knit?

Do you know how to knit?

At the children’s activity farmyard you can learn to knit using wool from the museum’s own sheep. This wool has been dyed using plants from the herb garden.

Here, aided by expert knitters, children have the chance to learn this new skill. At the end of the winter season blankets will be made from all the squares that have been knitted. Just like last year, each child can tell us who they would most like to receive a blanket and why. Once the winter season is over the wishes we like the most will be granted and the blankets will be donated to deserving recipients.

Get your knitting diploma
The experts who will help you get your knitting diploma will be present:

  • at weekends and during the holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • on weekdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Ervaringen uit 2016


Tijdens de afgelopen winteropenstelling (2016-2017) mochten kinderen zoals elk jaar opschrijven wie zij een wollen lapjesdeken toewensen. De prachtige kleurrijke dekens, zo vlijtig gebreid door duizenden kinderhanden en gemaakt en geverfd in ons eigen museum, krijgen zo een mooie bestemming. Dit jaar hebben we twee wensen kunnen vervullen, die van Murron en Fleur.



Wensdeken Murron Murron Janzen wenste de deken voor haar juf Arjanne van basisschool De Vlinderboom uit Ede. Deze lieve juf doet het zo goed op school. Ze houdt alle drukke kinderen heel goed in bedwang en ze heeft het verdiend.



Fleur van den Berg uit Hillegom wenste de deken voor haar oma. Zij zit zo alleen op de bank sinds opa er niet meer is en ze heeft het altijd koud. Wensdeken Fleur

Experiences from 2015

This winter lots of children once again learned to knit and obtained their knitting diploma in the atmospheric ‘best room’ at the children’s activity farmyard, lovingly aided by our expert knitters. The children knit squares, which the knitters then diligently combine to form beautiful patchwork blankets. We are particularly proud of these wonderful blankets, as they are genuine products of the museum. The wool comes from our own museum sheep. They are shorn here and the wool is spun and lovingly dyed using plants from our own garden. Children not only knit the blankets themselves, but can also tell us who they would like to receive a blanket.

This winter 445 children told the museum their wish. We were particularly struck by the fact that 42 children wanted to give a blanket to an asylum seeker. We therefore decided to donate one of the blankets to a child living at the asylum seekers’ centre in Heumensoord. The Van Dijk family from Malden will present the blanket to one of the teachers at the centre.

Experiences from 2014

For the third year in a row children visiting over the winter season could tell us who they wanted to receive a wonderful patchwork woollen blanket. Choosing from the 360 different wishes was no easy task, especially as a number of them were extremely moving once again. Some of the wishes related to people who were grieving or living in poverty and could really do with the warm comfort of a blanket like this. One blanket was given to Sinticha, who had recently lost her mother. Samual wanted a blanket to go to his mother and sister, who live in a hut in Ethiopia. Frederique wanted a blanket for Femke and her family, as their house had burned down. The fourth blanket was sent to Noor and Jente. They wanted to surprise their teacher Tamira, as she is always so kind.

Experiences from 2013

Every winter the sound of knitting needles can be heard in the ‘best room’ at the children’s activity farmyard. The wool comes from the museum’s sheep and is shorn, spun and dyed here. Our expert knitters teach the children how to knit a square. These beautifully coloured squares are then made into blankets.


This winter, for the second time, children could tell us who they wanted to receive a blanket. Three wishes were chosen from the many (over 400!) that were made. One blanket was donated to Dagmar, who is very ill and cannot keep herself warm. This blanket was requested by sisters Anne-Floor and Veerle. The care farm De Stal in Zundert was also presented with a large ‘cuddle blanket’.

The most unusual wish came from Matthanja. She wrote: “A lady in my street lives all on her own. She never gets any visitors or cards. That’s why I think it would be nice to give her a little present.”

Experiences from 2012

Last winter, as is the case every year, children learned how to knit at the children’s activity farmyard, under the supervision of our expert knitters. Each year, with the help of over 2,000 children, beautiful knitted squares are produced, which we combine to form patchwork blankets. These are knitted using our own ‘museum wool’. This comes from our own sheep, is spun at the museum and dyed in our herb garden. It is a beautiful, authentic product of which we are extremely proud.

In 2012 we wanted to donate these wonderful blankets to a good cause. All the children got involved and thought about who they would like to receive a beautiful patchwork blanket. Out of the 240 wishes that were made we chose three and presented a blanket to the happy recipients.

Leyla wanted a blanket to go to her mother, a very deserving recipient. As she suffers from rheumatism, she could not come to the Open Air Museum and is always cold. Now she will be nice and warm this winter.

Sharon wanted a blanket for her granddaughter Nikki. She was born after just 25 weeks, but was a real fighter and was finally able to leave hospital 16 weeks later. Such a brave little girl deserves to be warm and cosy this winter.

The last blanket went to Merel. Her two cats Choco and Yola had been operated on and had no fur on their tummies. Now they can keep themselves nice and warm on the beautiful blanket we have given them.


Do you know how to knit?

Do you know how to knit?
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